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A New Blog
Dec 26, 2017
2 minutes read

Since the beginning of this month I’ve been enjoying the wonderful Advent of Code - every day at 6 o’clock a wonderful programming puzzle would unlock for me to enjoy with my morning coffee.

Today, one day after christmas and a holiday around here, I’m missing the puzzles already so I decided to start a new blog. This is not the first blog I’ve started, though perhaps I will be more persistent this time.

Since a lot of posts here will be programming and computer related anyway I decided not to fuss about my first topic and simply describe the blog infrastructure. I’ll be hosting the blog myself and generating it with a static website generator.

A sidenote: It’s almost funny how many static site generators already exist in various languages; so many in fact that there is an entire page dedicated to listing them all

I’ve chosen Hugo because:

  • it has a lot of GitHub stars,

  • uses Go as opposed to JavaScript and Ruby (to both of which I have a mild aversion),

  • can render Asciidoctor markup (more standard but far less standardized, Markdown has its own fair share of problems),

  • has pre-made themes (because most programmers suck at creating pretty interfaces),

  • the last static site generator I’ve used for a work project has left me less than thrilled.

I’m hosting the website on Amazon S3 at the moment via plain HTTP (mostly because I’m already using and paying for some of their services) but if I ever decide that I want HTTPS I will probably spend the odd 5 € on a virtual machine with NGINX and get a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

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